On Saturday 15 august Blasphemy case 295-B is occurred in Model Police station civil lines; against pastor Aftab and his team in Mughal colony in the city of Gujarat. The details of the incident is, that a Pastor Aftab related to Pentecostal mission; held a convention in Banth, the area of Gujarat. The pamphlets of this convention were spread in all Christian colonies of Gujarat. Mughal colony in the city of Gujarat; where 200 families of Christians were living. This specific convention pamphlet also reached in this area as well. On 15 August 2015, Umar Butt, who is running a General Store in Mughal Colony, read that pamphlet. When he read the pamphlet he noticed that the word “Rasool” (which normally means according to the Bible is an apostle, in simple term the servant of God) was written instead of Pastor and he didn’t know the actual Bible meaning according to Christian faith; but after that Umar Butt asked to a Christian young man of that area, that why did they write that word for a Pastor. Meanwhile; arguments started between them on that issue. Umar Butt went to Police Station of Model town along with a ‘Mufti’ (An Islamic Jurist) and a man named Aftkhar; who was the reporter of Royal TV for filing the case against Pastor Aftab and against all those people whose name were written on the pamphlet. Many people arrested and police is investigating more to arrest furthermore people. There is great terror in all the Christian areas of Gujarat and people are migrating in others areas.


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