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KASUR: October 5, 2015.  “You are a Christian and “Choora” so, how you can be Headmaster and our senior” argued Muslim teachers and started beating Christian Headmaster in Punjab province of Pakistan.


Today Saddique Azam, a Catholic Christian teacher posted as head teacher at a small village Primary School Pernawa near Phool Nagar, was badly and severely beaten and tortured by a group of extremist Muslim teachers who are working as teacher under him. They have grudge and taunt him by saying “Choora” a derogatory and hatred word which is being used against Christian by Muslims in Pakistan.


According to facts Azam was appointed head teacher at Village Pernawa from last three months and the concerned department is not issuing appointment letter as a head teacher in his name because of his Christian faith but charge of headship was already given him and five other primary school come under his headship. A group of extremist Muslim teacher protested before District Education Officer (DEO Kasur) why a Christian appointed on head post. He was being pressurized and forced from last two months that he would himself resign from the head teachership and deliver charge of headship to other Muslim teacher otherwise he would have to face dire consequences.


Today at about 7:45 am three extremist Muslim teachers entered the school and sat in his office when he came to office and he inquired them why they came. They warned him to withdraw and resign from teacher headship and they put one condition if he wished to remain on this post then he would do duty as they would direct him. They said if they would be on leave or absent from school then he would answer to education department that he had with them. Azam denied to do so and flatly refused to facilitate them in illegally. On this denial they started beaten and tortured him and severely injured his left eye.


The other staff and some villagers came and rescued him from them and locked those Muslim teachers in a room and called on 15 to summon Police. Police came and arrested them but using lame excuses to register FIR against them on the submitted complaint application.


Christians continue to suffer religious discrimination in Pakistan due to discriminatory laws and, new laws are needed in place of discriminatory provision of laws including constitution of Pakistan, says Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender.


We often voice concerns about religious discrimination against Christians but authorities take it trivial and pays no heed to our voices and as legal policies are concerned, cases that are religious discrimination may be the result of discriminatory provision of laws which lower the status of religious minorities in Pakistan, added Gill.


Meanwhile, Mr. Daud Sharif Sohtra, President of Punjab Pakistan Christian Congress visited headmaster Mr. Azam and expressed concern on attacks by Muslim teachers on him and assured him of full support by PCC to ensure justice.


Mr. Daud condemned rising violence against Christians and urged governments of Pakistan to legislate sever punishment against hate crimes due to faith.


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