New York: Mr. Tariq Javed, President thanked International Community Care Foundation ICCF Thailand-for conducting a meeting with the missionaries of Global Gates. The meeting was held at Terminal 21, Bangkok on November 2, 2016.

Ms. Anila Nazir (Director ICCF Thailand) , Ms . Faiza (Assistant Director ICCF Th) and Mr. Imran Ishaq (Director Research and Development ICCF Th) discussed with the Missionaries the current situation of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers facing in Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) within their restricted rooms. ICCF Team requested the missionaries to arrange their weekly or monthly visit to the IDC and share Word of God among persecuted Pakistani Christians for their encouragement and support. The Idea was appreciated by the missionaries and this idea will be implemented soon.

The ICCF Team also talked about spiritual and physical needs of these affected asylum seekers. Global Gates promised to provide us Christian books for Children in English and Urdu. The Team of ICCF also encouraged Global Gates to put in writing to Hungary Government with collaboration of some affiliated Churches and Organizations for resettlement of these Asylum Seekers into Hungary as soon as possible. The Team assured that “ICCF is deeply concerned about Pakistani Christians in Thailand who are in vulnerable conditions.”

The members of Global Gates were also briefed about overall conditions of Pakistani Christians in Pakistan. They agreed, the persecution is at high level, not in Pakistan but also here in Thailand. At the end, Global Gates members and ICCF members adjourned their meeting with a prayer.


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