Islamabad: Convener World Minorities Alliance and Organizer Awami Maseeha Party Mr. J Salik protested against the unrest in Kashmir and wrongdoing with innocent and poor Kashmiris in India, he sat in slug and put Slug (Dust) in his head continuously for 6 hours (11AM to 5PM).

On the occasion Mr. J Salik said that the purpose of protest with slug is to show that humanity is hidden under the dust and the eyes of people are filled with dust that’s why they can’t see the brutality and inhumanity with theirs brothers, they are just behaving like silent spectators. He said that it’s the longest curfew of the history and today is the 128th day of curfew in Kashmir, India; he said that it’s the height of brutality with unarmed and innocent Kashmiris.

He said that India must stop this brutality to end unrest in Kashmir. He demanded that Bishop of Canterbury, Papa e Azam, Imam of Khana Kabah and all the stakeholders should play their role to pressurize UNO for stopping unrest in Kashmir on immediate basis.

The wife of Hurriyat Leader Mr. Yaseen Malik, Mrs. Mishaal Yassen Malik also participated in the protest. She said that there is curfew in Kashmir for more than 125 days and 160 people has sacrificed their lives during this, she said beside that there is economic blockage and medical emergency and Kashmiris don’t have enough facilities in hospitals because there is shortage of doctors, medicines, vaccines and other necessities. She demanded to end the curfew immediately, finish black laws to stop forces and give the right of freedom to everyone in Kashmir.


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