Christians should be able to freely speak about their faith when they are at work or in public places and not be afraid to do so, according to UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

The British prime minister’s statement came after Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman David Isaac warned that some employers may not celebrate Christmas because they are afraid they might offend other staff. In response, May submitted a report by the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers Christian Fellowship saying Christianity should be “celebrated, not denigrated,”  The telegraph relays.

May’s report also says people should be able to celebrate Christmas and talk about their faith at work like some “might talk about sport, hobbies and family life.” She also urged Christians to “jealously guard” their right to discuss their faith in public.


“I’m happy to welcome the publication of this report and its finding. Of course we are now into the season of Advent, and we have a very strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech and our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of,” said May. “I’m sure that we would all want to ensure that people at work do feel able to speak about their faith, and also be able to speak quite freely about Christmas.”

The United Kingdom’s prime minister, who is the daughter of a Church of England vicar, recently told The sunday time in an interview that her Christian faith guides her in making difficult decisions, such as the one concerning Brexit. She admitted that negotiating the country’s exit from the European Union keeps her awake at night but her belief in God guides her in doing what is right.

May credits her father for instilling in her a sense of service while she was still young. The prime minister recalled how he was always going out visiting people and telling her what he encountered during his work as a parish priest.


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