In Pakistan  3-year-old Christian baby girl, Saiba Masih, has been raped in the city of Christian in the district of Bahawalnagar, Pakistan. Saiba is the daughter of Shafqat Masih and Catherine Bibi. Catherine is a single mother and has two other children, Altaf and Daud. She is a sanitary worker and her eldest son Altaf Masih, 22, is a rickshaw driver.

On December 17th 2016, at around 9:00 a.m. when Catherine and Altaf were at work, Muhammad Abbas, a friend of Altaf Masih, went to Catherine’s home where her two young children were alone. Muhammad Abbas gave the younger son Daud some money to go and buy candy and when he left, Abbas brutally raped Saiba. When Daud returned, he saw that his sister had been raped and immediately informed his neighbors.

When Saiba’s mother Catherine and others from the Christian community found out, they contacted All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) representatives Mr. Nazeer Bhatti and Mr. Naveed Amir Jeeva visited Saiba and her family and immediately took Saiba to the DHQ Hospital for medical treatment. Saiba underwent surgery and received seven stitches. She will no longer be able to have children in the future.

APMA contacted the authorities and an FIR (first investigation report) was launched by the Chishtian city police station, following which the culprit was arrested. Fanatic Muslim leadership in the city have pressurized APMA and the family not to pursue this criminal case. International Christian Voice, Canada (ICV) strongly condemns this criminal action and abuse of an innocent child. ICV has also decided to help this family financially for her medical treatment which Saiba has had to undergo and legal assistance to bring Muhammed Abbas to justice. ICV also asked the Government of Pakistan for the protection of this family and to bring the culprit to justice while local extremists and supporters of Abbas threaten the family of Saiba and APMA workers to not purse this case. ICV asks you all to please pray for this family and this baby girl who has gone through terrible abuse for no fault of her own. The family is going through a very difficult time and are constantly living in fear of being attacked. We ask you to also pray for all those who have taken repressibility for taking care of this family despite being threatened. We hope and pray that no case such as this will ever occur again and that the man behind this act will be brought to justice.


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