Islamabad based minority rights Christian columnist Shamim Masih confronted assaulted by obscure individual in the twin city (Islamabad/Rawalpindi) on July 22. On Saturday late night, when he was going towards his home obscure attackers opened fire on him that hit his auto. The shots hit his auto however he figured out how to get away. Prior he was assaulted and beaten by two obscure motorcyclist subsequently his arm was cracked for his written work on minorities’ issues after Youhanabad twin Churches bomb assault in 2015.

Mr. Shamim Masih said that “on July 22 at around 2130 hours, when I was headed back to my home on my auto Suzuki Bleno, while driving the close-by road to my home, I saw that something hit hard on auto, I was stunned and terrified and figured out how to get away. On achieving house, I found the imprint of shot discharged on the auto”. “I was as frightened as it was first time that some person assaulted on me and not long after subsequent to stopping the auto and went inside the house. Next morning, I took one of my partners and a relative with me visit the adjacent police headquarters and recorded an application portraying the entire scene. Yet, no FIR was enrolled, he included.

He went on include that in the wake of composing a story “Qadri Supporters have turned out to be political power, asserted Sheik Rasheed” he got debilitating telephone calls. Be that as it may, thought of common issue as it was standard issue for me accepting such sort of telephone calls for composing on minorities’ issues and rights as Pakistani national.

It is applicable to specify here that it is not the main danger as writer Shamim is confronting. There are number of debilitating telephone calls and even unforgiving words with some religious radical has turned out to be standard issue for composing on privileges of the minorities particularly Christians.

Be that as it may, the most recent scene is one of a kind which made my entire family stressed as my better half is requesting that I leave this calling, which I can’t at any cost. Despite the fact that this episode has put me and my family under consistent risk however I trust that God needs me to compose for His kin under anxiety. I realize that my believability and objectivity lay on my capacity to be proactive in featuring issues spinning religion and exploitation of religious minorities. What has frightened us is the way that experts don’t broaden any assistance or support.

He is intending to move his home as the landowner prompted him to empty the house.


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