A Pakistani Christian family has fled from their home in Punjab area after their 16-year-old boy was accused of disrespect a week ago. Shahzad Masih, a cleaner at a healing facility in the city of Dinga, was captured on July 13 after he was blamed by his partner, Ishtiaq Ahmed Jalali, of offending Islam’s prophet Muhammad, as indicated by World Watch Monitor.

“We left the city same evening the clerics captured him,” Shfaaqt Masih, the father of the adolescent, reveals ” I switched off my phone fearing they will trace my family,” he added. Shfaaqt said that the nearby police headquarters won’t uncover where the young person is being held. ” My relatives even visited the jail but he is not there. We don’t know what to do,” he said.

Former Punjab parliamentarian Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, the pioneer of the biggest Christian political gathering, said that he had by and by examined the issue, and he discovered that the contention originated from Jalali’s attempt to change over Shahzad to Islam. The police objection against Shahzad was supposedly documented by another man recognized as Nadeem Ahmed, who asserted to have called the blamed from his cell phone repair shop to get some information about what he had said. Ahmed additionally asserted that Shahzad rehashed the “damaging words” against Muhammad and after that fled.

Activists from the Islamist party Tehreek-e-Tuhafaz Islam Pakistan took Shahzad to an Islamic theological school, where he was captured by the police.

Shfaaqt noticed that he and his family has been on the keep running since Shahzad was captured. “We don’t even know what to eat and where to live” he said.

A few Christian NGO’s have offered to help the family, including Minority Rights Watch, which intends to give legitimate help.

“An associate sub reviewer held up the FIR, however, law unmistakably expresses that no cop beneath the rank of director can examine cases including critical comments in regard to the Prophet,” said Kashif Nawab, a supporter of the gathering.

“The administration ought to likewise set up a board of trustees of religious pioneers and police to test and handle such issues,” he included.
Both church and common society have required an annulment of Pakistan’s impiety laws, asserting that the measures are being utilized to settle individual scores and mistreat religious minorities.The Human Rights Commission detailed that 15 individuals — 10 Muslims and five non-Muslims — have been accused of obscenity a year ago.

‘’Blasphemy against Muhammad is punishable by death, but the state has not carried out an execution on anyone found guilty of the supposed crime’’. In any case, a few people blamed for disrespect have been executed before their trial finished.


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