Christian People From The different sectors showed their anger towards the Political Ceremony at Church.  Details emerged that a ceremony was organized at the Saint Anthony’s Church in Lahore, when Pakistan Muslim League leader Marriam Nawaz addressed the congregants.

This ceremony was attended by local churchmen from various denominations including Archbishop of Lahore Sebastian Francis Shaw, Bishop Azad Marshal and several other clergymen. Congregants offered prayers for recovery of her mother Begum Kalsoom Nawaz, followed by Marriam Nawaz’s address. While addressing the congregants, she said “I am thankful to all of you for offering prayers for my mother, expressing good wishes for my father and extending affection to me.” She Also Targeted the other Political Leaders in Ceremony


“We are all Pakistanis,” she continued by mentioning services rendered by Christians towards the progress of Pakistan. Marriam Nawaz mentioned Dr. Ruth Pfau for her lifelong services to Pakistanis. However, later on during her address she talked about her ongoing election campaign. While remonstrated on the disqualification of ex-Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif along with criticizing her political rivals.

“I bring Nawaz Sharif’s review petition to your court,” she told the congregants. She said that it was ex- PM Nawaz Sharif’s efforts that curbed attacks at churches and worship places of other religious communities.

Federal Minister for Statistics Kamran Michael, Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Religious Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu and others. She urged the congregants to cast votes in favor of PML-N during upcoming elections scheduled to be held on September 17.


So The actual issue in this whole Programe is it fine to use your Church or Ministry for the Political Purpose?


Soon after news of this ceremony was aired on national media, local Christians took it to the social media to express anger over church misused for alleged political campaign. They strongly condemned the act saying sanctity of the church had been violated. Church leaders got a lot of flak for allowing the ceremony to be held inside the church.

So We hope to see the Change in future that churches and Ministries Should change their mental approach so the House of the Lord would remain,Holy pure.


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