According to the recent report of  Aurat Foundation 1000 non-Muslim girls are forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan each year,. National Commission of Justice and Peace says that out of these 1000 girls, 700 are Christians by faith; rest of them mostly Hindus. You can talk to a lawyer or a jurist and he’d tell you how this is unlawful and a criminal act to forcefully abduct a minor girl and then forcefully convert her to Islam and then marry her off. There is the 1929 Act, the Christian Marriage Act of 1872 and what not. But this is not about the courts or the law anyway. The courts in Pakistan act like they would act in any other Banana republic. Only last year a case of a minor Christian girl being allowed to go with her husband by the high court had surfaced and nothing really happened. The girl was a minor and couldn’t marry anyone without her parents’ consent. But the court ruled in the marriage’s favour. Probably because the honorable judge was himself a ‘true believer’. So let’s not hope for anything honorable coming out of our honorable courts.

What we need to look at is our own society. What is the society doing about it? The judges or the lawyers who help committing all these heinous crimes are themselves products of this society. And the feudal lords who forcefully marry Hindu girls and then convert them to Islam are also part of this very society and same is the case with the rest of the powerful who rape, abduct, forcefully marry and force convert young minor girls from other religions to Islam. The mullah sanctioning the conversion or the registrar okaying the marriage certificate and all those sitting around them, signing the certificates as witnesses are also common people living among us.

The journalists – yes, journalists – who openly side with the oppressors, the media houses who choose not to report on such subjects, the editors and owners of those media houses who hold such stories, the policemen who try to somehow stop the FIRs from being filed and then keep trying to orchestrate a settlement between the two parties and that too on the terms of the oppressor, are all members of this society. And then there is the common man, who keeps denying the facts, unable to accept that there is something wrong with this country. In Facebook comments, on the corners of the streets, in the drawing rooms at family gatherings and at the public meetings of the political parties, this common man is in a state of denial, constantly blaming the whistle-blowers of conspiring against them.

Isn’t it strange? This common man is blaming the government for every ill around him. He believes that he doesn’t have the electricity because the government is incompetent and corrupt; he is willing to accept that children are being kidnapped in Lahore; he is constantly whining about the lack of resources, the lawlessness prevailing in the country and the courts being biased against one party or the other, but he is not ready to accept that the same courts act with bias, the police side with the oppressor, the government remains incompetent, and the local community leaders help the one committing the crime when it comes to the minorities.

And that is where the problem lies. This is not about the law. This has never been about the law. This is about us. We, as a society, are biased against the minorities. Our films show the Hindus as shrewd men, conspiring against Pakistan. Our curriculum vilifies the Christians and Jews. The Scripture is quoted without context to prove that Christians and Jews can never be our friends. What can we expect from such a society? This society, as a whole, had fallen long back into the abyss of moral bankruptcy. Expecting good from the courts when the people are crooked, is stupid to say the least.

Author ‘s Bio : Yeshwa Younas is Human rights activist and freelance Journalist. Running a Christians News Blog Name He can reached at his FB Profile




  1. This is barbaric and tribal behavior and it is nothing to do with the religion Islam and Quran. These barbaric people need teaching of Quran.


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