ISLAMABAD: (Christian Times) – Mastermind of the deadly attacks in Army Public School (APS) Peshawar three years ago and Bacha Khan University in January 2016, Umar Mansoor, has been reportedly killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan on Monday.

According to the reports, Umar Mansoor was killed in the drone strike taking place near Pak-Afghan border. The attack was carried out on Monday but the territory where it took place remained disputed as the foreign media claimed that the attack had been carried out in Kurram Agency inside Pakistani border while Pakistan army’s media-wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) department claimed that no attack inside Pakistani territory had been carried out and that the drone strikes that took out some 31 terrorists ‘belonging to Haqqani netrowk’ were actually inside the Afghan territory in the province of Paktia.

Reports now claim that after the killing of Umar Mansoor, Usman Mansoor has been named as the commander of the Taliban faction in Darra Adam Khel and Peshawar regions.

It is pertinent to mention here that the state media continued to claim that the killed terrorist in the attack was Omer Khalid Khorasani while the foreign media, as well as the factions of independent media in Pakistan, claimed that the murdered terrorist was Umar Mansoor. It is also worth noting that Omer Khalid Khorasani has already been reported dead more than a year ago.


The ISPR had claimed back then that Khorasani had been killed in a drone strike in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. However, the state media continued to claim today that the killed terrorist was Khorasani while a faction also claimed that both Umar Mansoor and Khorasani had been killed in the strikes on Monday.

Entire climate remains shrouded in mystery and uncertainty since mixed signals are coming from the official statements of Pakistani state-owned media and a faction of the private media. However, the foreign journals claimed that Umar Mansoor is the terrorist killed in the drone strike the day before yesterday.

It was later confirmed by Taliban though that Umar Mansoor had died in the attack as they elected Usman Mansoor in his place.


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