BAHWALNAGAR: (Christian Times) – Three members of minority communities, including two Christians and one Hindu had been charged with blasphemy for burning Quranic verses but upon inquiry it turned out that the accusations were false and now the police have started investigating the case against the people who had actually blamed these three people of blasphemy in the first place.

According to the details, an FIR was lodged against two Christians Vishal Tariq, Adil Saleem Masih a Hindu Bhola Ram during the month of Muharram ul-Haram. The FIR No 341/17 was registered on September 28 and the three men from religious minorities were charged with having burned Quran under sections 435, 295-B, 201 and 109 PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) at Dunga Bunga police station in Bahawalnagar.


The sub-Inspection Pervaiz Iqbal had declared in the FIR that he was on the duty of Muharram procession when he was informed on his mobile number by a local journalist named Shamshad Hussain about the incident. The police officer mentioned that the three men had been charged with having burned some Quranic verses along with some old government documents at Dunga Bunga hospital. He also reported that some of the burned material and some burned, along with some unburned, pages on which Quranic verses were inscribed had been handed over to him.

Another FIR was lodged after a written complaint from Dr Kashif Nazir who was informed about the incident and reported to the police about it. However, he deliberately hid the issue of the burning of the Quranic verses. It is pertinent to mention here that the first FIR, i.e. Fir No 340, was filed by Dr Kashif Nazir who did not even mention the burning of the Quranic verses but the second one, 341/17, contained the information about the burning of the Quranic verses.

As the two FIRs were contradictory in nature, an inquiry was launched into the matter and it was learned that the case fell under Double Jeopardy since it became clear after the investigations that the complainant had filed the FIRs under malicious intent and upon the instigation of the local journalist.

So the current situation is that the charges of blasphemy (295-B) against the three members from the minority communities have been dropped while the crime of abetment under section 109 is being investigated. The police will now be investigating on who gave the old government documents to the sweepers for burning. Meanwhile, an inquiry has also been initiated under section 201 that deals with the screening of the offender. Dr Kashif Nazir will be investigated for 201.

As a result, a large number of influential Muslims, including the doctor who lodged the complaint, will be facing the charges of the offences made against Vishal Tariq, Adil Saleem Masih and Bhola Ram while the charges against these three men have been dropped.


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