MELBOURNE: (Christian Times) – Christians are being targeted in Australia now for opposing the same-sex marriage. They are being called ‘bigots’ and some of the same-sex marriage supporters have even said that the Christians deserve ‘crucifying’ for their opinion of same-sex marriage.

To many people’s shock, a mother in Melbourne received death threats recently while another girl had to lose her job simply because they were opposed to the idea of redefining what marriage really is.

As per the details, Australia is having a referendum over whether same-sex marriage should be allowed in the country or not.

Now, Madeline works as a contractor for Capital Kids’ Parties in Canberra. She had put up a DP on Facebook that said ‘it’s OK to vote no’ on the same-sex marriage question.

As a result, she was termed ‘homophobic’ by her boss and was removed from the job.


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