DAMASCUS: (Christian Times) – Islamic State (IS) on Monday committed yet another horrific act in the civil war-ridden Syria as it perpetrated an unprecedented massacre in Syria’s predominantly Christian town ahead of the arrival of Assad’s forces.

According to international media, the occupying IS forces in Al Qaryatayn in Syria killed 116 people and fled the town before the arrival of the Assad’s forces. Those killed were alleged of collusion with the Syrian army.

IS had occupied the town three weeks back and had started killing people here. The Syrian forces with the help of the airstrikes got the town freed from IS on October 21.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told the media that the Syrian forces found dead bodies spread everywhere in the streets upon reaching the city and most of the dead had been killed with daggers.

It is pertinent to mention here that Al Qaryatayn is situated 100 kilometers southwest from Syria’s historical Palmyra city. Hundreds of Christian families were living in this town. However, by the time IS occupied the city in 2015, the numbers had fallen to a few hundred humans only.

IS had enslaved around 200 Christians of the town and they were forced to observe Islamic rules.


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