SHEIKHUPURA: (Christian Times) – A 12-year-old Christian girl named Mishal Masih was on Tuesday kidnapped and raped by three men and also tortured her with cigarette on her body. Mishal is a student of 6th standard.

Masih’s mother says that the police was informed about the incident but no action has yet been taken against the perpetrators and even the FIR is not being registered. She appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of the issue and take immediate action.

It is pertinent to mention here that kidnappings of young girls belonging to religious minorities are common in Pakistan. Such girls are kidnapped, raped, converted to Islam and then married off to Muslim men in many instances.

According to a report by US commission on international religious freedom, a girl named Komal was not only kidnapped and raped in June 2015 but was also forced to convert to Islam, In another case, 12-year-old Maryam went through similar circumstances and then she was married off to a Muslim man.

14-year-old Ann also was a victim of a similar incident in Narowal while 14-year-old Sussane from Lahore was also raped. Moreover, 15-year-old Martha, 26-year-old Francis and 14-year-old Sara have faced similar conditions in the past.


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