DOHA: (Christian Times) – According to all estimates, the Christian populations across the middle east have seen constant decline since 1910. A large number of Christians who previously lived in Egypt, Israel, Palestine and Jordan for centuries but the numbers have seen a steep decline during the last few years.

In a conference organized in Qatar discussing the wars in the middle-east and the impacts of the war on the Christian communities living there and the threats faced by them, it was observed that the situation of the Christians living in the middle-east is extremely fragile right now.

It was said in the conference that the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the start of the First World War was a very difficult time for the Christians living here. Christians faced brutal genocides during that era.

According to some estimates, the Ottomans killed around two million Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks living in the region and the families of these Christians fled to get settled in Europe while the rest of them made Iraq and Syria their homes.

But the numbers kept falling throughout during 1910 and 2010 and the ratio of Christians leaving the region is rising at a dramatic pace now. Iran and Turkey, where around 14% of the populations were Christian at one time, now have only 4% of their countrymen who adhere to the Christian belief.


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