ABUJA: (Christian Times) – A violent mob of extremist Muslims on October 13 killed 48 Christians. According to details, the mob broke into a Christian village on the eve of October 13 and opened indiscriminate fire on the common people living there.

The eyewitnesses told that the violent Muslim mob broke into the village at about 11pm and started indiscriminate firing.

A 38-year-old survivor named Doda Samuel Kadiya told the media that the perpetrators were firing indiscriminately as the people rushed to all sides trying to save their lives. He told that one bullet also kissed his arm but he was fortunate to survive. The firing caused the Christian village 48 lives.

Another eyewitness Muammar Agidu Awra, 62, said that he and his wife were still in a state of shock and they were still spending their lives without sleep.

International media has reported that the Christians living in this village were all homeless now as their churches and homes were also severely damaged.


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