ISLAMABAD: (Christian Times) – A Pakistani Christian family is looking for the answers to the questions about the murder of their beloved boy. Adnan Masih’s dead body had been found on November 4 and he had been murdered by slitting his throat. Media reports told that Adnan had remained a drug addict for some time but had recently started going to church after giving up on his sins. The slain youth’s father Shaukat Masih says that Adnan wanted to change his life.

Police said that two of Adnan’s friends, who were last seen with him, could be involved in his murder. Adnan had left his home at around half past 7 in the evening on November 3 and didn’t return home. According to the initial investigation, he had been killed with a sharp weapon.

British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) reported that Adnan’s friend Shani came to his house on the eve of November 3 and asked him to go out with him and eat something. Adnan initially refused to go with him but after Shani insisted, he had to go. Adnan’s nephew, who had seen the entire scene, told that there was a taxi parked outside their home and there was a Muslim man named Ali sitting inside. After that, all three of them sat in the car and left. According to reports, the three of them were seen together in a park but what happened afterwards, police still want to know.

Police arrested Shani and Ali both and started investigations from them but they were later released on bail. British Pakistani Christian Association officer Mahwish Bhatti told that one of Adnan’s friends, Ali, was a Muslim but there was confusion about Shani’s religion.

On the other hand, BPCA chairman Wilson Chaudhry has said that if Adnan had been killed by Ali, then it was the third incident in a month’s time that a Christian youth was killed by a Muslim.

Adnan’s parents have appealed for justice before the officials and demanded immediate arrest of the culprit and that they should be brought to justice.


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