BEIRUT: (Christian Times) – As Saudi Arabia seems all set to fight another proxy war with Iran in the region, hundreds of thousands of Christians in Lebanon and other parts of Middle East feel worried about their security. According to In Defence of Christians (IDC), a war in Lebanon would not only spark a refugee crisis but will also provide a new impetus to the terrorist organisations. If this happens, then not only will the Christians of the region suffer but the US and its allies will also become a part of the conflict.

IDC’s Philip Nasif said that Saudi Arabia and Iran considered the region only a chessboard and both the countries were warring with each other for several years here. This is why the Christians of the region get caught in the act and Lebanon is a country where Christians live in large numbers.

Philip Nasif said that Christians, Sunnis, Shias, Druze and other minorities lived in large numbers in Lebanon. Despite the Arab Spring, this country remained at peace; although Saudi Arabia and Iran were constantly augmenting the war hysteria.

IDC’s senior advisor Andrew Doran said that if war breaks out, a Yemen-like humanaitarian crisis in Lebanon was certainly on the cards and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s apparently pressurized resignation this week could take the country to destabilization as Iran was already expanding its influence through Hezbollah.

IDC stressed that United Nations, Trump administration, and the US allies, especially Britain, Germany and France, should play their role in bringing all the parties to the table of talks and make sure that the UN’s resolutions 1701 and 1559 are acted upon. IDC also demanded from the international community that they investigate the Saudi adventure on the people of Yemen.


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