LAHORE: (Christian Times) – Five Christian families in Pakistan are forced to leave their homes and villages as an 18-year-old youth among them has been alleged of committing blasphemy. According to media reports, these families are residents of Sukheki village, some 200 kilometers from Lahore. These Christian families had to flee their homes after the picture of a Christian youth was shared on Facebook and people of the area were incited to murder him and burn the church. There are reports that a Muslim mob had also been organized to punish the Christian lad.

Police officials told that situation was brought under control a case had been registered against those who had made this fake Facebook page. Police officer Tahir Hussain told that there was no evidence of the Christian youth named Arshad had committed any blasphemy at all. It was a fake campaign. The issue has been sent to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) so that the culprits behind the page could be found.

On the other hand, Christian counselor Naseer Ghulam told the media that he had no idea where were the Christian families who had fled the area to save their lives and what conditions they are in. He also had no clue of why Arshad Masih was being framed in this case.


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