LAHORE: (Christian Times) – A recently published report by US Commission on International Religious Freedom says that one-third of the world countries had blasphemy laws and 71 out of these are notorious for violating human rights.

Three Ahmadis sentenced to death by a court in Pakistan last month – Mubashir Ahmad, Ghulam Ahmad and Ihsan Ahmad – had been arrested in 2014. The men sentenced to death had been accused of having torn a poster outside a shop that had Quranic verses written on it.

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Southern Baptist Religious Freedom advocate Russel Moore said on the occasion that the death sentence handed to these three men was a clear proof of how religious freedom had been made impossible in the world. He said that the freedom of conscience was the basis of all human rights but millions of people across the world, especially our Christian brothers and sisters, were subject to targeting on religious grounds every now and then.

Among those handed death sentences over blasphemy charges in Pakistan, along with these three Ahmadis is also a Catholic Christian Nadeem James, who has been alleged of having committed blasphemy in a Whatsapp text message. Moreover, 17-year-old Shahbaz Masih was also arrested on July 14 this year under the charge of blasphemy.


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