ISLAMABAD: (Christian Times) – Radical supporters of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have staged a sit-in in Islamabad and life has literally come to a standstill in the capital city as these protestors have strategically positioned their small number of men at all the entry points of the city. The stubborn protestors say that there will be no talks with the government unless the federal and provincial law ministers Zahid Hamid and Rana Sanaullah aren’t removed from their positions.

The protestors have also threatened to seize all the airports, railway stations and roads if the government failed to accept their demands and wouldn’t leave these places unless the demands were met.

Because of the addresses and sit-ins by the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah party leaders and supporters, and due to the containers placed by the government on various routes, economic and trade activity in the twin cities has come to a standstill and the state is suffering losses worth millions of rupees as well on daily basis. Worse traffic jams are also being observed, rendering the citizens helpless since the metro bus service and other transport is also closed down.

Reports claim that the stick-bearing protestors also blocked the road going to Islamabad I-8 and damaged the cars there. Two men deployed the protestors for their security also beat up two boys for filming them. The Labbaik party leaders threatened in their addressed of a nationwide blockade like they surrounded Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s house in Narowal, and the process will continue till the resignations of the aforementioned ministers.


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