NAROWAL: (Christian Times) – Famous singer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Abrar ul-Haq has also expressed support on Saturday for the extremist mullahs currently holding sit-in in Islamabad demanding resignation of the federal law minister for amending the election laws regarding Ahmadis in a recent bill. He condemned the state action against the extremists holding sit-in outside Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s office and demanded that the government must listen to the demands of these people because their demand was ‘really just’. He added that Iqbal was one of the people who presented this bill before the parliament and thus whoever is involved in the process must resign immediately.

In a video message, Abrar said that the people of Pakistan could not be fooled by the claims that the said law was mistakenly passed. He said that such sensitive laws are thoroughly debated in the parliament before being presented as bills and then passed after going through the process of voting.

The singer-turn-politician said that though the government retracted from the bill, it will have to face the brunt and all those responsible for presenting it will have to resign.

“I am with the people of Narowal on this issue and most importantly our faith is with us”.

Encouraging the extremist mullahs to stand firm on the issue, he said that PML-N’s politics was over and now the party leaders were not even worried about their afterlife.


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