DUBAI: (Christian Times) – A 29-year-old Lebanon resident is currently facing a blasphemy trial in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Lebanese citizen has been charged with having disgraceful language with two women about their religion at a night club in al-Bashra. The accused accepted before the court that he was drunk at the time but never committed blasphemy.

The youth had gotten into an argument with these two ladies at the night club on April 5 earlier this year. The 35-year-old woman among them claims that she was sitting along with her sister when there began an argument with this man sitting right next to them suddenly. She added that not only did the man beat her but also used blasphemous words for God before being pulled away from the scene by other people at the club.

The man was arrested by the police upon the complaint filed by the two women. He confessed that he had responded to those women in the kind of language they had used for him during the argument but what words he uttered in the moment of anger, he didn’t quite remember.


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