WASHINGTON: (Christian Times) – US President Donald Trump’s campaign head Stephen Bannon has on Monday said that he’s proud of being a Christian Zionist. He expressed this while addressing the annual dinner of Zionist Organisation of America.

In his address, Bannon said that he was certainly not a moderate, in fact ready to pick up fights anytime. “I have always taken pride in having supported the state of Israel and that is why I am also proud of being a Christian Zionist”, he said.

He especially mentioned Donald Trump’s mega donor Sheldon for his support, saying that Trump’s victory wouldn’t have been possible without Sheldon’s support as Sheldon also guided Trump in the sexual assault scandal.

Bannon told the event that Trump was fulfilling all the promises he had made in the campaign. “Shifting of US consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and termination of the nuclear agreement with Iran were among his top priorities after coming to White House”, he said. He declared Trump the biggest supporter of Israel after Ronald Reagan.


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