DACCA: (Christian Times) – A suspected militant has been arrested under the charge of killing an American blogger. Talking to media, Dacca’s Deputy Police Commissioner Masood ur-Rehman said that the arrested suspect has been identified as Muzammil Hussain, 25, and he heads the Bangla team of a militant group named AnsaarAllah, which in turn is inspired by internationally designated terrorist group al-Qaeda.

The suspect is believed to have been involved in killing famous writer Avijit Rai in 2015. Police claimed that the arrest was made as CCTV cameras installed at the scene of the crime helped identify the suspect. In his initial statement, Muzammil Hussain confessed to have killed 4 other secular bloggers.

Bangladesh is one of the majority Muslim countries from where reports of attacks on religious minorities, foreigners and bloggers surface on media quite often. In July 2016, a terrorist had opened fire after breaking into a café and killed 22 people, most of them foreigners.

Police told that the AnsaarAllah Bangla team members were involved in murders of over a dozen secular and pro-homosexuality bloggers. According to police, the group is headed by a former office of Major’s rank ousted from the army, and he is the mastermind behind all the attacks.


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