FAISALABAD: (Christian Times) – Yet another instance of oppression faced by the minorities in Pakistan surfaced as 16-year-old Christian girl named Maryam Khalid was kidnapped and them married off to a Muslim man after being forcefully converted to Islam. Human Rights Folks Pakistan (HRFP) has strongly condemned the incident. Holding a press conference with the victim’s parents, HRFP president Naveed Walter said that the measures taken by the Pakistan government for the protection of the minorities were really weak. He said that the elements treating Christians like this must be stopped at any cost.

Expressing deep sorrow over the issue, Naveed Walter said that despite an FIR registered on the issue, police had taken no action against the prime accused Shahid and Moazzam in the case. He said that the culture of suppression of the minorities could never be justified. He demanded on behalf of the civil society that the kidnappings of Pakistani Christians and the culture of forceful conversions and marriages must stop now.

Such incidents are routine in Pakistan. Maryam Khalid was kidnapped by Shahid and after forcefully converting her to Islam, he married her off to his friend Moazzam. The victim belonged to a very poor family from Faisalabad. Maryam’s father is a labourer while her mother is a housemaid.

HRFP assured Maryam’s parents that the organisation will provide all kinds of financial and legal help to the family for bringing the girl back to them.


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