BAGHDAD: (Christian Times) – Christian member in Kurdistan Parliament Wahida Yaqu Hormuz said that she had warned international human rights organisations and Vatican about the violations of Christians’ human rights by the Shia militia. Terming the action as naked injustice, Wahida said that the Christians were being barred to enter the ancestral home Nineveh Plains. The area had been recovered from Islamic State (IS) earlier this year who had been occupying it since 2014.

Many Christians took refuge in Kurdistan after the occupation of this region by IS. However, the situation is worsening in this area with each passing day. One Christian refugee told that the Iran-backed militia had started persecuting the Christian community as it was systematically changing the demography of the Christian areas. They have been using churches and religious centres as centres for sectarianism.

The Christian community living here was shocked when a school in the area was named after Iranians’ spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Christians apprised their representatives in Iraq and Kurdistan parliaments about the situation but to no avail.

It is pertinent to mention here that this is not the first time that Iran-backed militias had been accused of committing war crimes and violating human rights. Last year in December, the Shia militia had killed several fighters after they had surrendered to them in Aleppo. Similarly in August 2016, 66 Sunni fighters had also been condemned to death in Fallujah.


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