PESHAWAR: (Christian Times) – Harjit Singh had opened a school in 2004 in order to provide decent education to his community near Peshawar and the school became quite popular in a short span as the number of students studying at the school reached 300. The step was not only appreciated by the Sikh community but Muslims also started getting their kids enrolled at this school.

When Taliban got to know about the school, they threatened Harjit Singh to shut the school down or he would be murdered. However, Singh didn’t pay heed to the threats and continued to run the school, upon which the Taliban issued a fatwa for his murder.

Harjit Singh complained against the fatwa in the local police station but no action was taken. Later, he requested help from the Sikh community but they too refused to help out of the fear of Taliban.

When Harjit Singh failed to get any support from anywhere despite repeated attempts, he decided to leave the country. He is currently living in another country along with his wife and kids where he has applied for political asylum.


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