"WAKE UP INDIA" a Protest Rally against the Violence & oppression on Minorities, Churches, Nun and Christians organize by Christian reform united people association along with Other Organizations, Churches and Institutions at Azad Maidan on Friday. Express photo by Prashant Nadkar, Mumbai, 27/03/2015

NEW DELHI: India is being heavily criticised for once again having refused visas to a United States (US) delegation that wanted to visit the country for examining the state of religious freedom there.

The US delegation would survey the situation of religious freedom in India by meeting various political and social leaders. However, the Indian embassy in Washington refused the visas to the members of the delegation.

Thomas Race, one of the members of the delegation, said that India wanted to conceal its violations of the rights of the Muslims, Christians and other minorities living in the country because there is a Hindutva campaign being run there under the supervision of the Modi government. He said that the Christians and Muslims in India were being forced to convert to Hinduism after attacking their worship places.

The US Department of State has also reacted sharply to the Indian policy and has demanded that India must stop human rights violations and allow the delegation to examine the state of religious freedom in the country.


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