DACCA: A court in Bangladesh’s Rangpur district has on Saturday sentenced seven Muslims extremists to death as they were accused of having killed a guard in 2015. The convicts had admitted before the court that they had killed the guard for being a ‘innovator in religion’ because according to them, going to shrines was tantamount to Shirk.

In the aftermath of the attack on the religious seminary, Bangladesh security force had also killed two extremists. The convicts sentenced to death belong to Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh.

Six of the convicts were sentenced to death in their presence while in absentia for the seventh one, who is still at large. It is pertinent to mention here that Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh had already announced that anyone going to shrines would be killed.

The same group had killed 22 non-Muslims at a cafeteria in Dacca in 2016, out of which 18 were philosophers.

Although Islamic State had accepted the responsibility of the attack, Bangladesh authorities believe it was this very group that had orchestrated the former attack too.


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