BERLIN: Germany’s churches have become safe havens for all the refugees from various parts of the world whose asylum pleas have been rejected. However, providing space to such refugees is a violation of the country’s law. The German law says that the providing protection to the refugees was a violation of the state constitution because it could be done under very specific circumstances only.

According to an estimate, one church in Germany had provided sanctuary to over 1000 refugees who mostly belonged to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Eretria. It is a basic tenet of the Christian faith to provide help to the needy and this has remained a tradition of the church in the past as well.

An agreement had been signed between German government and the church in 2015 that the state would not be able to intervene in specific cases where the church would provide sanctuary to the refugees, and in return the church would provide the government complete details about the refugees.

The refugees who seek shelter with the church are liable to work for the church and if they are not Christians already then they may be offered the choice to turn to Christianity.


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