LAHORE: Christian community recently held a hunger strike in front of Punjab Assembly in order to highlight the issues faced by them due to abuse of Blasphemy law. The special thing was that the protest was organized in a manner that neither the road was blocked nor was the flow of traffic disturbed.

A large number of people from the Christian community belonging to Tanzeem Rawadari Tehreek took part in this demonstration and recorded their protest. Christian community raised their voice for their brethren who got arrested over blasphemy charges and were forced to leave their house under terror. The demand of this protest was to provide protection to the minorities because they are forced to live their lives in horror.

Last month in different cities of Punjab at least 2 churches were attacked by armed men, a Christian was kidnapped and murdered in Sheikhupura and at least two such incidents took place in which Christian families had to leave their houses for the protection of their lives.

The tough time for Christian community started in February in Lahore as 150 Christian families were forced to leave their houses from Shahadra Town when a blasphemy case was registered against 18-year-old Christian youth.

A blasphemy case was registered against Patras Masih due to which 150 Christian families had to flee their houses. Meanwhile a blasphemy case was registered against 6 Christians including a woman in Faisalabad’s Ilahiabad area. From this area many Christian families fled their houses due to this strained situation. In a village in Sialkot few armed men attacked people in a church and injured 7 people including women in the start of this month. According to local Christians the attackers wanted to illegally occupy the land.

The common thing in these incidents was that the blasphemy case was registered against one person or a group but many Christian families were compelled to flee their houses as a result.


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