MICHIGAN: A 62-year-old Pakistani woman had been ordered to leave the United States upon which a Michigan church announced to provide her sanctuary.

Shahida Naeem had left Pakistan 40 years ago for Kuwait where she used to work at people’s houses. 13 years back, she migrated to the United States on a non-immigrant visa. Now she has been ordered to leave the country but she has been provided sanctuary inside the church where she has been living since March 12.

This church located in Michigan is one of the hundreds of churches that provide sanctuary to the people who are ordered to leave the country. Shahida Naeem says that she was told to leave for Pakistan but she could not go there so came to the church.

“My son is here. This is where I lost my daughter. She received her education here and this is where she died. I visit her grave every day. But ever since I have come to the church, I haven’t been able to visit the grave”, she said.

The church officials say that they are in contact with legal experts and politicians who support their cause so that some legal way could be found.


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