VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis’s selfie with a Pakistani Christian youth has gone viral on the social media. The pope can be seen wearing a Sindhi Ajrak in the photo. Karachi resident Daniel Bashir had gifted this Ajrak to Pope Francis during his visit to the Vatican City.

The pope not only adorned the Ajrak but also took a selfie with Daniel. Posting this photo on social media, Daniel wrote, “My heart is filled with joy”.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Christian community has celebrated the Easter this Sunday and the central ceremony for the festival was held at Vatican City. Like the Christians from other countries, Pakistani Christians also attended this ceremony in large numbers.

The resident of Sindh, and a member of the group Jesus Youth of St Paul, also attended the ceremony and gifted the Sindhi Ajrak to Pope Francis who accepted the gift with great pleasure.


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