BRAMPTON – Sukhwant Thethi, the Ontario Liberal Candidate for Brampton South gave the following statement:


Like every parent in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, I was shocked by the senseless tragic death of Paviter Singh Bassi right in front of Sandalwood Heights Secondary School, as well as the vicious and cowardly beating of a defenceless autistic man at Square One bus terminal.

But when I learned how young most of the attackers were, I was horrified.

Not only have the parents of the victims had to go through something no parent ever should, but the parents of the attackers have also lost their children forever.

The reality of being working parents means that we spend far less time with our children than any of us ever want to, and a new youth anti-violence strategy is clearly needed to address this reality.

The most important part of an anti-violence strategy is to protect our children and youth from becoming the victims of violence, and the second most important part is to prevent children and youth from ever becoming violent.

As parents, neighbours, and caring members of our community, we must act swiftly to create an immediate solution, right here in Brampton and Mississauga.  Our youth are our future, and no parent should ever have to lose their child to violence or even a life of violence.

Over the past two years, decent and compassionate people throughout Canada and the United States have as watched in horror as violence, hate, and senseless crimes have steadily increased since the rise of Trump and Trump-style politicians.  A new youth anti-violence strategy is clearly needed to keep our families, children, and neighborhoods safe.

Every child and young person deserves the opportunity to fulfill their potential.  That’s why youth violence has no place in our Ontario, and I invite people of all communities, cultures, and political stripes to join with me to work for an immediate solution and a safer community.


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