Sukhwant Thethi, Liberal Candidate for Brampton South, proudly outlined the new Economic Initiatives from the Ontario budget announced in the past week by Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

“Our economy is performing well due to the many businesses and entrepreneurs who create jobs and the women and men who get up each morning to go to the plant, the office, or another place of work to make Ontario a more prosperous province,” said Thethi.

The Liberal government has made strategic investments to support growth. Enhanced education, skills and training, new infrastructure, competitive business environment and support for startups and small businesses are helping create good jobs.

In the past four years, Ontario has seen:
• Our economy outperforming all G7 nations
• Our unemployment rate dropping to 5.5 percent, the lowest it has been in almost 20 years
• In the last year alone, 500 new mostly full-time jobs being created on average each day

Voters should ask themselves two important questions when they go vote. “Are you and your family better off than you were four years ago?” and, “are you more confident in the security of your family and your future?” asks Sukhwant Thethi, “I say yes, and yes again.”

A growing economy produces more jobs and extends the reach of opportunity more widely. The Liberal government wants to build on past priorities and take new steps to generate these benefits in the face of existing and coming challenges for Ontario through:

A Strong Education System
• Investing almost $16 billion in capital grants over 10 years for school construction and renovations to address growing enrolment, ensuring access for students to quality education
• Hiring more guidance counsellors to assist Grade 7 and 8 students to explore pathways to apprenticeship, college, university and the workplace.

Building Skills for the Jobs of Tomorrow
• Further improvements to OSAP to increase access to financial assistance for tuition fees
• Investing nearly $3 billion in capital grants for campus expansion and modernization
• Expansion of the Ontario Apprenticeship Strategy and the new Ontario Training Bank to help train skilled workers and bring employees, employers and training institutions together to address skills shortages

Building Infrastructure
• Continuing with previously announced $230 billion in infrastructure investments in hospitals, schools, transit, bridges and roads, with a further $106 billion for new and upgraded transit and transportation infrastructure
• These investments will support 140,000 jobs on average per year over the next 10 years, further driving economic growth while improving our quality of life

Empowering Women
Creating more equitable workplaces is more than about fairness. Such efforts boost our economy by bringing more people into the workforce and builds on the strengths of our people.
• A three-year Women’s Economic Empowerment Strategy to address pay and workforce transparency while investing in initiatives to increase women’s access to opportunities and good jobs
• Support for female entrepreneurs and promotion of women’s corporate leadership on boards and in senior management roles
• Development of a return-to-work program for women and encouraging sharing of caregiving responsibilities to the benefit of Ontario’s economy and society.

“Once elected on June 7, I will ensure that these economic initiatives for improving the quality of life, peace of mind and economic prospects for Ontario families is delivered,” states Thethi.

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