Statement from Patrick Brown:

Cricket is a huge sport in Brampton, but the current facilities leave much to be desired. Having recreation pitches that meet or exceed provincial, national and international standards is important if we are to encourage local athletes to strive for excellence. Too often our citizens are discouraged from participation at higher levels of competition because our City lacks the proper facilities in which they can train for and play the sport they love.

This morning I am announcing that, as Mayor, I will lead the effort to create a public-private partnership that will build a world class, cricket/multi-dimensional sports stadium right here in Brampton. In addition to cricket, this state-of-the-art facility will be designed to accommodate a multitude of sports at the highest levels, including kabaddi, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey.

In concept, this facility will be similar to the Lansdowne Park redevelopment recently completed in Ottawa. In addition to a state-of-the-art multi-sport stadium, the property will include ancillary sports facilities, such as basketball courts and a skate park. We will also investigate the inclusion of an e-sports arena, one suitable for professional events.

The facility will have restaurants and retail stores, and will also feature green spaces and water features. Parking will be located underground to maximize land use and reduce the project’s environmental footprint.

The new stadium project will bring more economic opportunities to our City. Brampton loses tourism dollars every time a major sports event goes elsewhere because our City lacks the proper facilities to host. The Global T20 Canada Cricket championship took place in King this summer, not Brampton, because City facilities were deemed inadequate by organizers.

The facility will also be made available as much as possible to leagues and recreation programs delivered by the City and local sports governing bodies. We all want Brampton to be a world-class city in which to live, work and play. We want a healthy and active community, which we know saves government funds down the road as active communities are less reliant on our healthcare system. Let’s get Brampton Back on Track to being a world-class, healthy sports community.

“This new facility will enable Brampton to compete on the world stage when looking to host elite competitions at the provincial, national and international levels. Not only will seeing world-class athletes up close encourage more youth to get involved in sport, but these types of competitions bring tourism and other revenue streams into our City.”

– Faraz Salimi, President, Brampton Cricket League


“Patrick’s vision for this multi-sports stadium respects the make-up of our City across cultures and ages. Having a facility that allows for kabaddi competitions across all levels and ages will help us continue to grow this great sport further, building on the work our sport’s volunteers have done so far in the community, especially in our high schools. It will create a place where all Bramptonians can come together, united by the love of sport.”

– Daljit Sahota, President, Ontario Kabaddi Federation of Ontario


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