Robin Victor, a gospel singer suffering from kidney failure


Robin Victor playing piano

Robin Victor, a Gospel singer who is suffering from serious kidney failure, is waiting for financial assistance to get treatment.

Victor is a asylum-seeker in Bangkok and has three children named Asmakia Robin, karlinies Robin and Jasper Robin.

The gospel singer has been on dialysis as his kidneys have failed to function any more. Victor’s wife Aster Robin has appealed to philanthropists to assist his husband financially.

Robin Victor on dialysis

The family had left Pakistan in 2013, but they are facing pressure in Thailand.

Not only the family of Victor, there are thousands of Christians there in Thailand who are facing problems.

The country which is known for business and tourism has become the homeland of displaced coming from different countries especially from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and also from  Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam, Cote d’Ivoire, and many other countries.

More than 4000 thousand Pakistani Christians are here in Thailand as asylum seekers. Moreover, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Thailand currently hosts about 97,000 Myanmar refugees living in nine camps in four provinces on the border, along with over 6,000 urban refugees and asylum-seekers from some 40 countries.

According to reports, the Thai government is planning to cancel bail for all male asylum seekers in Bangkok.

It may require the family along with other asylum-seekers in the capital to return to detention centres straight away.

11,500 Christians hailing from Pakistan can be affected if the Thai government decides to cancel their bail. It is to be noted that they had complained in 2016 thatUNHCR) officials in Thailand were not taking their applications seriously.

However, there are reports that the people with serious medical conditions would be exempted from the decision subjected to doctor’s recommendation.

overcrowding resulting from the possible overcrowding will lead to serious health issues: increasing levels of tuberculosis, hepatitis and scabies.

It is being said that Thailand’s aim is to put pressure on the asylum seekers to return home. It is also being feared that the targeting of men could make women and children more vulnerable in a system that is already facing a severe backlog.

The family of Robin Victor and many others are concerned that children were missing out on education while applications were being processed.

It was also reported that the resettlement of the asylum seekers by the UNHCR has been taking more time than in past years. It is causing problems for the refugees.

The Pakistani Christians head to Thailand because it’s easy to enter the country but there is no guarantee that they are safe in the country. Thailand doesn’t want asylum seekers from anywhere. It is not a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention (UNRC).

As a result, asylum seekers in Thailand face constant threat of arrest and detention even after the UN has recognised their status. The refugees, with no work permits, can be arrested, charged with illegal immigration and jailed.

The situation is very disturbing for Victor’s family who has already been suffering through a tough time amid illness of Victor Robbin. They are looking for the donations to get the proper treatment for the gospel singer.


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