If we see the historical values of the big and great city Lahore of Pakistan then we can’t deny its importance because in Lahore city the Great Mughals had big influence even they loved this city so much as well as we talk about the educational level of Lahore then we know very well; if we have studied about this precious city that this city is also called an educational city. There are lots of colleges, universities and other educational institutes are here. According to Lahore’s educational status still many people are struggling here. Although according a private non-government organization its literacy rate is 64.7% but still almost 36% percent people are illiterate.

The lack of literacy is one of the big reasons for the violence of various rules and regulations even it causes the destruction of families, its causes many crimes. In general view if we analyze that the reason behind this even in an educational city.

The very first thing is that in Lahore Pakistan there is monopoly of some educational organizations specially who are working privately; who are working just for gentle class of the city they don’t have any motive to educate every child of the city; they are do’s don’t those everybody can’t follow. A specific group of people they require those specific group of people come there. The people who have access to these institutes get lot of benefits because these institutions follow the international educational system to teach. Why everybody can’t join them? What’s the reason? The reason behind is because these institutions requires the big one citizen who could bring protocol of high official who can pay their monthly fees which can be a just salary of middle class person. In this way the middle class persons not only lost their right to get education but they also get discouraged and many of them decided to leave the education.

This is very simple and painful reason for that lack of good education in Lahore city. This problem could be controlled surely and Lahore literacy rate could be 99% our present Government focuses on this point. We are just talking about a single city of Pakistan but in many cities of Pakistan there more problems than these given above and these difficulties; to get even primary education.             


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