This question is very important to every Christian of Pakistan because as a community in Pakistan and minority in Pakistan; they have several life experiences from the majority of Pakistan. Although we know that Pakistani Christians are free to go to Churches, they are free to practice their religion responsibilities and should be. And it is so good if this freedom is being given by government, this is Christians’ rights as the citizens of their beloved country but still it is not enough because if we see the local community; there is a big sign of discrimination against Christians can be seen; many Christians are hurt by many Muslims in several areas of Pakistan. For instance, Christians are rejected to have some special positions as an employees, they are rejected when they try to eat with Muslim people, even some cases it is seen that the kitchens of some companies have special plates, glasses and cups which are specially for Christians not for other people, many Christians are forced to change their religion if they deny then they have to face some critical circumstances made by some unusual negative minds. These instances are so true and seem like we not living in a modern and educated world but in the society where human being are treated by their cast and religions.

As a majority of Pakistan entire Muslim community is not the same because lot of Muslim brothers and sisters especially who are well-educated and have positive mind without and cast difference toward the minorities. Even in some of instances we can see brotherhood between Muslims and Christians. It is so encouraging that in our society there are some great constructive minds who think they we are to follow Qaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan rules; in which there was not even bit of discrimination. According to Qaid-e-Azam Mohamad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan, every Pakistani can practice their religion, they are free to go their temples or to any place of worship. He said that “You may belong to any faith, creed or cast; that’s not the business of the state”

An encouraging example is of a very capable, and committed Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan. He is interviewed by well-known news website Daily Times. It can be read Daily Times home page of 30th September, 2018; where he gave an exclusive and true statement which became the title of his interview.

He said, “The Mistreatment of minorities makes us bad Muslims, bad Pakistanis and bad human beings.”

The point is that what the solution is; so in general point of view, this problem can’t be solved in some days but its takes time but the real focus it needs is Government of Pakistan’s focus who can work honestly to make a peaceful society throughout the Pakistan. The Government can do it by making some laws against such of discrimination and by educating people to leave such mentality. There should need of some cells on local level that can watch and handle; these kinds of problems.


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