In the city of Lahore there was a heartbreaking incident occurred of the attack of three Christian youngsters. Who were called in Liaqatabad flats by their own cousins; as these three ones reached, their cousins opened the fire upon them with loaded guns; because of this firing one of those youngsters named Noman Masih was killed on the spot. Rest of others; were admitted in a Lahore General Hospital, one of them is Sorab Masih and the third one’s name is not confirmed at yet. According to the doctors, Sorab Masih is still in danger. It is informed that one of the culprits was gun fired as well and wounded but he is now in the custody of police. The police are investigating on this serious matter that why were they attacked and what was the source behind the whole that happening.

Another exclusive matter should be told here also that this news is being misreported by some persons through facebook and it is being posted on social media that it was the matter of discrimination or it was a Christian Muslim dispute but it is not true. It is entirely false news there was not any such kind of matter. By clearing this matter, Christian Times is trying to tell people that they shouldn’t believe or share everything from social media until unless its authenticity is not cleared; because it could be instigated another problem in the society. The social media is very strong medium to share and spread anything so we should be all very careful and conscious that what kind of material we are sharing. Although there are lots of very good sources of true and correct news or anything good on social but we should be aware that some of them still don’t have good motive to work on it; they try to work through self promotion motives.


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