Rafaqat Ali was among the 11 people who lost their lives in Wednesday’s cruel suicide attack in Lahore outside Data Darbar.

Ali a worker of a private security company was the sole provider for his family and struggled to stay above the poverty line. He existed in a one bedroom house whose walls are in dire need of repair.

So as Rafaqat Ali’s body reached his home, the surroundings were filled with the deep sorrow. His wife protested that Ali who only made Rs.8,000 per month had not been paid in four months.

He was the one earning and has gone now. At present there is no one to support the children, Ali’s wife told to a famous media channel as she struggled to hold back her tears.

Rafaqat Ali left behind three minor daughters and his neighbors have appealed to the government to take responsibility for these children.

On Wednesday morning the blast outside Data Darbar in Lahore took place. The authorities said the attack was carried out by a teenage suicide bomber whose target was a van of the Elite Force.

And among the losses were four policemen who were deployed as security outside the shrine.


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