LAHORE: The Delegations from Pakistan and India are set to meet on July 14 at the Wagha Border to converse some of significant matters relating to the Kartarpur Corridor.

Among other substances, the delegation needs to agree on a time and date for the corridor’s inauguration along with deciding if the opening will be held jointly.

And if the decision to inaugurate the corridor mutually is taken, then the potential representation from both sides will be deliberated upon as well. It is likely that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa will represent the Pakistani side.

The specific technical details pertaining to the corridor, “how many days will the corridor remain open for and how many devotees will be allowed through during the first wave? So these questions will also be conversed.

As some devotees will be given visa exceptions, the issue of how many days in the year will they be given access to the corridor will be measured along with the limit on currency that the devotees will be able to carry.

It seems the most that the construction of a causeway will surely be chatted.

The delegation will also focus upon the online registration procedure and entry fee if any by Pakistan, as well as joint video surveillance.

The numbers of devotees to be allowed access on special occasions and details of obligatory medical and emergency services are probable to be finalized in the meeting.

It has also been decided that a hotline will be established amid the immigration and customs department of both the countries for smooth communication.

In month of November 2018 when Kartarpur was being focused to be a sign of peace between India and Pakistan relations.

The former Indian cricketer and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu gave and encouraging speech.

Navjot Singh Sidhu (November 2018 speech about Kartarpur Coridor)

November 2018, Navjot Singh Sidhu Speaking at the ceremony,  commended Prime Minster Imran Khan for the inventiveness and reiterated  that religion should not be looked at from the prism of politics and terrorism.  

“Putting an end to terrorism and bloodshed, peace should be brought back to  the region,” he said.

Sindhu said whenever the history of corridor would be written; Prime Minister Khan’s name would be on the first page of the books.

He said that the Prime Minister and the Pakistan military leaders fulfilled their promise.

“Pakistani and Indian government should move forward,” Sidhu said.


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