On 7th of August there was an arrange of Minorities Day, the exact Minorities Day date was 11th August but it was prearranged before its actual date because by the 11th August there were some official national holidays.

So, before the time its celebration also reveals that Government of Pakistan has special importance for the minorities’ living in Pakistan.

The Celebration of Minorities Day was specially arranged by The Provincial Minister Of Human Rights And Interfaith Harmony Mr. Ejaz Alam Augustine. Also it was hosted By Governor Of Punjab Mr. Chaudhary Sarwar At Governor House Punjab, on the behalf of the Government.

Both executives Showed very positive Commitment towards the betterment of Minorities In Pakistan through their words of expression and excitement. Mr. Ejaz Augustine also strongly condemned the Force conversions & marriages and Mr. Sarwar also commented about taking steps to make strong law to deal this issue.

Ejaz Alam Augustine along with attendees & Ronnar Gill (very left side)
Sikh community with Mr. Ronnar Gill (Photos Credit: Mr. Waqar Gill)

The General Manager of Pakistan Christian Times Mr. Ronnar Gill along with his companion Waqar Gill also participated in the event and gave their good part for the celebrations. These Pakistan Christian Times officials supported that event by giving social media coverage to encourage the minorities of Pakistan that Pakistani Government is not unconscious for them but she is still trying their best to do more than before.

Minorities day celebrations attendees
Photos Credit: Mr. Waqar Gill



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