LAHORE: A seminar on latest developments vis-à-vis Christian Marriage and Divorce Bill 2019 to ensure that the proposed law includes adequate safeguards to protect the rights of individual Christian citizens it was organized by an NGO and a rights think tank.

Peter Jacob, the Chairperson PCMR, in the course of the seminar briefed participants on the salient features of the proposed Bill as well as specific recommendations compiled by the think tank.

“We have assisted improved the draft Bill which in the present shape brings the draft in compliance with standards of justice provided in the domestic and international human rights law.

We desire the government to introduce the Bill as early as possible so that more input can be solicited; to this end, we will support any logical improvement by the parliament, stakeholders, or the people at large.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ijaz Alam Augustine, Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Religious Affairs said, “The new law represents a landmark achievement of national parliamentarians who have worked on the Bill putting aside political and religious differences.

We look forward to working with minority publics at the grassroots level through our human rights coordinators and committees at the district level.

“The current draft of the Act is a very good development. A representative of the Ministry of Human Rights and Minority Affairs briefed participants about the policy, legislative and administrative measures undertaken by the ministry for the protection and promotion of minority rights” Yaqoob Bangash said.

last year in 2017 the Christian marriage act bill was criticized so much.

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