A funny pic tweeted by a twitter user talking about the current frog meat case against Lahore eatries.

LAHORE PAKISTAN: Lahoriites (citizens of Lahore city) were taken aback a few years ago when news broke that at several eateries in the city, donkeys were being served as food.

According to multiple news reports, an eatery in Lahore may be serving its customers with frog meat, it emerged on Sunday.

Though, speculation is widespread that now, instead of regular meat, an eatery is offering its customers frog meat.

That’s right, FROGS!

According to pictures which are being viral on social media and a few news channels, the Punjab Police jammed a rickshaw loaded with 200-kg dead frogs.

As per certain reports, the frogs were being transported to an eatery where they were to be served as food to customers.

Punjab Police reportedly took into charge the restaurant owners who were serving the food to customers.

People took to social media to pronounce on the incident.


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