Protest for Jammu and Kashmir region's pain in Houston against Narendra Modi

HOUSTON: Multitudes of Muslim and Sikh protestors, including members of human rights organization protested against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday outside the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ rally in Houston, Texas.

The ‘Howdy, Modi’ gathering was systematized in honour of the Indian premier at a football stadium in Houston, which was also attended by the US President Donald Trump.

The rally was organised by the International Humanitarian Foundation in collaboration with Amnesty International, Sikhs for Justice, Chief Logistics Coordinator Saeed Sheikh told the media. The rally was also supervised by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Executive Atif Khan, Members of Friends of Kashmir Ghazala Habib and President Pakistan Greater Houston Asim Shah.

The protest was launched in anger of New Delhi’s human rights violation of Kashmiri civilians as its curfew continues to mute the disputed region. The protesters came with banners and Kashmiri flags; influence the international community to help bring an end to the condition.

“Modi has no place in the US, he should be pushed out,” said by an angry protester, although some children also chanted ‘Go, Modi, Go!’ holding flags of Pakistan.

Protesters holding Kashmir’s flags

About 50 buses were used to transport up to 40,000 people to the protest that special site, who took part in the march.

Anti-Modi and anti-India banners were put up around the venue.

Present condition of occupied Kashmir

In the weeks since Kashmir’s lock-down, hundreds of elected politicians, activists and trade unionists have been caged or put under “house arrest”. Thousands of young men — including minors — have been arrested in night raids by the police, with many transported to jails outside the state.

Despite criticism from the human rights organisations, India says its actions are legal under the strict emergency laws in place in Kashmir since an armed rebellion began there in 1989.

Amenesty International tweeted on twitter to acknowledge the present state of occupied Kashmir

“The Kashmir blackout is over 40 days old. 8 million people are under lockdown. In the world’s most militarised zone.”



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