Sikh presented award to Imran Khan ceremony

LONDON: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been given “Lifetime Achievement” by two leading British Sikh organizations at the City Hall during the 550th birth anniversary of the founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Award for Imran Khan by Sikh community
Sikh community present award to PM Imran Khan

An occasion, attended by dozens of Sikh figures and others from across Britain, celebrated the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji aiming on his universal message of well-being “Sarbat da Bhalaa”.

The occasion at the City Hall was co-hosted by the Sikh Network, Sikh Federation (UK) and Dr. Onkar Sahota, member of the London Assembly in collaboration with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The spokesman for Prime Minister of Pakistan Sahibzada Jahangir for Trade & Investment in UK & Europe, received award on behalf of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan welcomed guests to the City Hall and highlighted the achievements and contributions of Sikhs in the UK.

Khan uttered his admiration for the Sikh community and Sikh religion’s teachings of determined for equality, acceptance and oneness.

Dr. Onkar Sahota, Deputy Mayor Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Preet Kaur Gill, Satpal Singh, Jas Singh, Canon Mark Poulson and others poke during the event.

It was suggested by Sahibzada Jahangir that the Kartarpur Corridor reinforced the idea of Sikhs as a bridge between cultures and countries.

He went on to define; how honored the PM Khan would be to receive this recognition and how keen he was to support Sikhs visiting Pakistan.

“It was a matter of pride for Khan’s government that “tremendous work” on Kartarpur Corridor was completed in the shortest possible period of nine months in order to make it possible for the Sikh Community to come to Kartarpur to join in time for Sri Guru Nanak Dev J’s celebrations, he said.

Further Jahangir said: “It all became possible because of Imran Khan’s love and passion for peace & humanity.

“I invite Sikhs from all around the world to come to Pakistan and enjoy our brotherly hospitality and love.

Pakistan is now open for foreign investment as the country’s — natural resources offers them great opportunities & their assets under the – leadership of Imran Khan will be 100 percent protected at all times.”

Dabinderjit Singh — OBE, principal adviser to the Sikh Federation — (UK), highlighted the importance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message that those who choose the Guru’s Path should not listen to what others say and never flinch from performing righteous manners.

He esteemed the Kartarpur Sahib Yatra Committee who are undertaking an accommodation building project to provide UK pilgrims with first class facilities.

Manchandan Kaur from the Sikh Network stated: “The move from Parliament to City Hall to mark the 550th — anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s — Gurpurb was positively received by our esteemed guests.

It is our hope that each of our guests left the evening with a glimmer of Guru Ji’s —message inside them.


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